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About us.

Born in the UK and living in sunny Australia

From the very first moment I sat at the kitchen table to help my dad cook, I knew that food would be a major part of my life. It didn't take long to realise that spices are an integral part of the food we eat and love. I want everyone to taste and share my passion for creating flavour and its endless possibilities.  

After an accident that seriously affected my mental health, I found the food a place where I could recover and feel valuable again, so with the drive to help others see how food can affect our lives for good, I started SAUC'D LOWNSLOW Spice blend, seasoning and salts store with my family in 2020. 

My single goal is to provide food education and provide as many as possible with the basic skills to create delicious food and find value through what they create and share with their friends and family.

With a mission to provide food education and offer everyone high-quality, fresh, local and affordable spice blends. We're passionate about creating flavour and its endless possibilities, and our goal is to help people find their value through what they create and share with their friends and family. Come and explore our store today and discover the true meaning of delicious!

At SAUC'D LOWNSLOW, we are passionate about turning kitchen challenges into culinary triumphs. As a family-owned business, we empathise with the diverse needs of families, quick-fix cooks, the health-conscious, and grill masters alike.

Our collection of carefully curated spice blends and seasonings is designed to elevate your dishes effortlessly, infusing them with a burst of flavour that tantalises the taste buds. Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of creating the perfect seasoning – we've got you covered! With our premium spice blends, Seasonings and salts, you can save valuable time and energy in the kitchen, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – spending quality moments with the people you love. Let us take care of the flavours so that you can savour every second with your family and friends.

Join us on this flavourful journey and experience the joy of cooking like never before. Embrace culinary delight with SAUC'D LOWNSLOW, your trusted ally in the kitchen!

Thank you from our family 

family enjoying new food



This is a family affair and even the kids get roped in!
We all share a passion for food but more than that, we share a love for friends and family.
Food is what we use to create laughter, share knowledge and create lasting bonds

Family picture for saucd lownslow

The Kids - Autumn, Alasdair and Quinlan

I grew up around food and from the day my kids' arrived, I knew if I taught them how to love food and cook well, they would have something to share, and that would bring them joy in their lives. 

They help me so much with SAUC'D LOWNSLOW, they are my harshest critics and if they don't like something ...... I know about it!

You could say our blends are tried and tested..... by the kids

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