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Meet Me.

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Born in the UK and living in sunny Australia

From the very first moment I sat on the kitchen table to help my dad cook, I knew that food would be a major part of my life.  It didn't take long to realise that spices are an integral part of the food we eat and love.  I want everyone to taste and share the passion for creating flavour and its endless possibilities.

I started SAUC'D LOWNSLOW with my wifey in 2020 after realising it wasn’t always easy to source the highest-quality, fresh, local and affordable produce. We needed a good spice manufacturer, and since we couldn't find one, we built one! We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with our incredible suppliers, which helps us to keep our costs down, and we do all we can to pass those savings on to you.

Come and explore our busy bbq spice store today and discover the true meaning of delicious!

While you're there, check out my bbq recipe blog!

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